The idea for this Hall of Fame dates back to 1995- Jim and Sue Wensel were interested in donating time, money and energy to a project that could be dedicated to their son Michael who had died of cancer.  Through discussions with then Superintendent John Tritabaugh, Principal Steve Dooley and Athletic Director Jim Mader this Hall of Fame was born.  The Albany Huskies Booster Club has now taken over support of the Hall of Fame.  Albany High School administrators, coaches, Athletic Director and the Huskies Booster Club create a committee for the selection of Hall of Fame members.  The selection committee will be comprised of members of the following groups: School Board, Community/Booster Club, School Administration, Active Coaches and the Athletic Director.

The Albany Area Schools Athletic Hall of Fame seeks to recognize the following persons (honors may be bestowed posthumously):

Persons who, during and following their career, have exemplified the pride and spirit that is Albany Athletics.

Category A: Player - An athlete who has excelled in athletics and has been graduated from Albany High School for at least 10 years.

Category B: Coach - A coach who has made a positive impact on Albany’s Athletic tradition and has retired from or been out of coaching for at least 2 years.

Category C:  At Large - A member of the school or community who has made a significant contribution to AHS Athletics.

Nominations are accepted on a 4-year cycle, once a person is nominated their file is kept and they will be considered for each subsequent induction. The next induction will take place during the Fall of 2026.


Click HERE to view and print the 2026 Nomination Form for the Albany Area Schools Athletic Hall of Fame.